Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wotan Earns his AXJ!!!

At the BCDC trial yesterday, Wotan earned his Excellent Agility Jumpers title (AXJ) with a First Place! This amazing boy, age 12, had a perfect run and was six seconds under course time. He was also the only dog in his class to qualify on this challenging course. I am so proud of Wotan!
Wotan achieved his AXJ title winning first place for all three legs!

In the afternoon, he had another clean run but in typical Weim fashion, would not immediately sit on the table, and we did not qualify as we were over time by two seconds! That would have completed his AX title.....

Unfortunately, this handler is not as agile as my dogs, and at the second to last obstacle did a front cross and tore a muscle in my calf. We finished the course and I limped off. Long story short, the ER doctor put me in a splint/soft cast, sent me home on crutches with explicit directions to not drive. I'll see an orthodpedic surgeon this week and most likely will just need physical therapy and time off from agility, boo hoo.

We'll have to finish that AX title another day!