Monday, May 19, 2008

Wotan's Winning Exc JWW Run

Here's Wotan's Winning JWW proud of my boy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wotan's Big Mother's Day Win

Wotan gave me a wonderful Mother's Day/Birthday weekend in agility.
Since he is 11 1/2 years old and I won't be able to trial for a number of months, due to the puppies, I asked my instructor to handle him as I so desperately want to finish his AX and AXJ titles. He worked wonderfully for her in class and hoped she could do what I haven't been able to. In typical weim fashion, and yes it was caught on video, after the 4th jump with Arlene, Wotan ran out of the ring looking for me, lol!

Nix the plan for someone else to run him. So in the afternoon, I ran him in Excellent Standard and he qualified with a 2nd place! Our first Q in a year.

Today, he had a pretty good morning run in Standard, but the judge called a refusal, that was debatable, and he took a long time to sit on the table, so we didn't Q.
The best was yet to come. The Excellent JWW course started with a tunnel, which is a bonus for us since the little stinker will not stay at the start line.
Not only did Wotan have an amazing run in 40 seconds and qualify, we got 1st place and he was the only dog to qualify!

It was very exciting since all of my classmates and friends watched the run and cheered us on. The run was videotaped, so it should be uploaded soon.